1. Is my child the right age for Kumon?

A: Children may enroll as early as preschool, and Kumon is attended by students throughout primary and secondary school. It's always preferable to start young and begin developing skills early to get the greatest cumulative benefit.

2. Is Kumon an "Enrichment" or "Remedial" program?

A: Kumon can help children who may be struggling and need to catch up, as well as those who are seeking enrichment. Our goal is for all students to begin studying above their school grade, and to always have opportunities to reach their full potential.

3. Why is Kumon such an effective complement to my child's schooling?

A: Schools must cover material according to age or grade, and classes must advance as a group. Needless to say, not all children grasp all concepts at the same pace. Kumon allows the individual needs and abilities of each child to govern his or her own progress. That's why Kumon students can perform at 100% of their potential.

4. How soon will I see results for my child at Kumon?

A: Some children progress very rapidly; others take longer. We view education as an ongoing process, and Kumon is not meant to be a "quick-fixEsolution. We encourage parents to keep their children enrolled for at least six months to a year before judging the effectiveness of the program. Many children stay with Kumon for years thereafter.

5. How does Kumon differ from tutoring?

A: The Kumon Method facilitates self-acquisition of the skills and study habits needed to improve academic performance. This empowers children to succeed on their own, giving them a sense of accomplishment that fosters further achievement. A child who develops learning tools in this way may never have to rely on costly tutoring.

6. How much of a time commitment does Kumon require?

A: Most students attend Kumon twice a week year-round and do brief daily assignments the other five days. Kumon sessions and assignments can usually be completed in less than twenty minutes, for math or reading. Parental involvement is strongly encouraged and recommended for optimal results.

7. Does Kumon offer preparation for standardized tests?

A: Kumon specializes in nurturing skills that improve all aspects of academic performance, including test-taking. Through daily timed assignments, students become thoroughly accustomed to working under test-taking conditions, developing key time management and problem-solving skills. Few students are as well prepared for major standardized exams like the SAT as long-term Kumon students.

8. Why haven't I heard more about Kumon?

A: KUMON has chosen to devote most of its resources to developing rather than promoting its programs. While KUMON has grown steadily in North America—largely by word-of-mouth—it has been a household name primarily in the Asian-American community.